360Matrix features & benefits

for orthodontic practices

Fully customizable for your needs, so you see real results

360matrix comes with five modules: Scheduling, Treatment, Financial, Insurance, and Clinical Coordinators. Each module provides standard operating procedures and timelines customized to your practice management software. No guessing – keystroke by keystroke instructions are listed so team members can cross-train and support one another.

Not all practices run the same, so with 360matrix it is easily customized to fit the exact needs and organizational structure that supports your success.

360Matrix can be used from any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), online or offline. When used offline, all data syncs seamlessly once you’re online again. It is password protected for security and you are in complete control of who has access to what.

Simplify staff training

Turnover is inevitable. 360Matrix gives you the ability to make staffing transitions as smooth and painless as possible by providing easy access to your practice operations data, such as training manuals, office policies, and employee logins.

Meet the need for your team productivity

According to survey, Gen Y is more capable and comfortable with managing their time and production digitally. As more millennials enter the workforce, it becomes increasingly important to transition to an office management system that will foster efficiency and productivity.

Establish accountability with clear task assignments

For many orthodontists and orthodontic office managers, a major problem in their practices is lack of accountability. Too many tasks and projects fall through the cracks because no one was clearly assigned the job, and no one steps up to take responsibility for the job. 360Matrix assigns responsibility and timelines on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for all tasks/responsibilities.

Improve efficiency with priority management

Has it ever been the case in your orthodontic practice that your staff doesn’t know which projects are more critical to complete than others? Do you believe your office doesn’t run as efficiently as it should because people are constantly “putting out fires” rather than working on projects in a timely manner? 360Matrix works to improve office efficiency with effective priority management, which, in turn, works to reduce stress and improve overall productivity.

Ensure accountability through visibility of all projects and operations

360Matrix ensures all your protocols, policies, projects, operations, tasks—whatever you need your staff to know and understand—are visible to your entire team. Accountability through visibility works to reduce uncertainty in your office. Everyone knows where to look for information, which is especially helpful in the event of staff turnover, or when someone is simply out for the day or on vacation. More work gets done when information is centralized and easily accessible.

Encourage collaboration among your staff

The success of your orthodontic practice benefits not only you, but your staff and their families, as well as your patients and your community. However, the bigger picture can get lost in the tediousness of the daily grind. 360Matrix encourages focus and collaboration because everyone can see how everyone else is contributing to the greater good. The team is literally on the same page, working to achieve a common goal.

Create organization within your office

One of the most frustrating issues for orthodontists and orthodontic office managers is achieving meaningful and workable structure in the office. Poor organization is also fundamentally detrimental to a practice’s overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability. With 360Matrix, you can organize your staff, your to-dos, your goals—everything—in a manner that’s right for your office culture and day-to-day operations, and sets you up for success.

Access anywhere with cloud-based technology

Once your office data is uploaded to 360Matrix, you can access it anywhere and from any device—check your schedule on your phone while you eat breakfast, read a resumé on your desktop, post an open position from your tablet. Plus, never worry about losing your data with cloud-based technology, or protecting your sensitive data. All your information is securely stored, and only available to you and your practice.

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